The Charity comprises of block of three one bedroom units and was founded in 1911, situated in the centre of the village. The Trustees are The Rector and Churchwardens of St Mary’s Church. Any enquiries regarding vacancies and further conditions should be addressed to the Correspondent, John Matthews on 01235 751453

Preference shall be given to persons who shall either have been born in the parish of Childrey or shall have resided there for not less than 5 years prior to the date of appointment. B)if and in so far as vacancies cannot be filled in accordance with sub-clause a above, the almshouses may be used for poor persons over the age of 65 who are members of the church of England preference shall be given in the following order 1) applicants who reside in other parishes of the Ridgeway benefice namely Letcombe Regis, Letcombe Bassett, west callow, Sparsholt and Kingston Lisle; 2) thereafter applicants who reside in the Vale of the Whitehorse District Council area; and 3) thereafter applicants who reside in Oxfordshire.