Brief History

The Childrey Welfare Trust was set up in 1975 when the assets of several original Childrey charities (Godfrey’s Coal, John Lawrence, Poor’s Allotment, Poor’s Land, Poor’s Money and Shippery’s Eleemosynary Charity) were transferred to form a new scheme. The aim was to help individuals ‘in need, hardship or distress’.

The Trust is made up of five trustee members who meet twice yearly and the Charity also owns and is responsible for the Childrey allotments.

Over the years it became increasingly difficult to find anyone to meet the criteria for help and applications for assistance were few so in 1999 the constitution was changed and it is now for the ‘general benefit of the inhabitants of Childrey’. Although we are only a small charity many individuals and village groups have benefited and continue to be grateful for the support that we can offer.

Applications for help

We encourage applications from both individuals and organisations within the village requiring financial assistance for whatever reason. All are individually assessed by the committee with total confidentiality.

To apply or for more information please contact the Charity secretary: Sarah Noviss on 01235 751435


Anyone interested in renting an allotment (or half!) please contact: Lucy Byrom on 01235 799467